Newer challenges to healthcare system are constantly emerging out due to the alteration in life style. It is well established that most of the presently available drugs used for therapeutic effect facing limitation for their clinical applicability due to several factors. Hence, it is demanded to search for newer molecules as a constant endeavor to ensure due health to general public. Another approach to achieve effective delivery of such agents is to modify few properties of currently available drugs and designing in new dosage forms to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits.

The PharmSci-2017 will open a stage for one and working in all Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Life Sciences as scientists or academician to discuss background and breakthroughs in the proposed areas of conference. The conference is focused mainly to interdisciplinary fields of drug development, drug delivery, clinical monitoring of drugs and biologics.

The pharmaceutical industry is everyday developing new commercial applications for advanced drug delivery, novel delivery systems and newer bio-based therapies. The carrier systems for transporting a pharmaceutical compound from administration to target site is needed in order to achieve its desired therapeutic effect with safety. Another active and very much related area of research is the investigation of toxicity of various dosage forms to develop biocompatible medicines for clinical application.

Biotechnology leads design and delivery of new therapeutic drugs, diagnostic agents for medical tests, and in gene therapy particularly for hereditary diseases. The rapid invention of biotechnology has potential for widely use. However, they have many ethical issues before change in healthcare practices. Additionally, biotechnology has a significant contribution in the development of global economy with increasing market share.

Consequently, Bioengineering facilitates to improve human health through cross-disciplinary activities that integrate the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice.

With the participation of leading International and National experts at one platform, we are hopeful for worthwhile deliberations that would impel new creative ideas to translate new discoveries into better practice and application. A similar series of conferences has been previously held by the organizers at International and National level over past few years. PharmSci-2017 is aimed to present some of the latest outstanding breakthroughs in Drug Development, Delivery Systems and Clinical Monitoring of Drugs. We hope your participation would contribute to your professional development and relationships.